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All our items sold on creative-flyers.com are under "Standard License" .

The owner of the rights creative-flyers.com authorizes the use of the purchased product for personal and commercial purposes (standard license), but does not authorize the creation of derivative works. Under no circumstances may the item be resold or redistributed alone or used in a product offered for sale on a site other than Creative-flyers.com or without the consent of creative-flyers.com.

License Terms (Standard License)

1. When you buy an article on creative-flyers.com, you have the right to use this article, you do not buy the article itself. What you get includes a license directly from creative-flyers.com to use this article. All items are subject to the Terms of Use that we have set on our Creative-Flyer.com website.

2. You can create a final product for personal or commercial use, and you can transfer this final product to your customer for a fee. This license is then transferred to your customer.

3. You can edit or manipulate the item. The resulting elements are subject to the terms of this license. You can do these things as long as the final product you create complies with the terms of this license.

4. You can not redistribute the item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. You can not do this with an element alone or with other elements, and even if you modify the element.

5. You can only use the article for legal purposes. If an object contains an image of a person, you can not use it in a way that creates a false identity, or in a defamatory and obscene way.

6. This license may be terminated if you break it. If this happens, you must stop making copies or distribute the final product until you delete the item.

Free Files Single Use Policy

We grant you a limited license to make use of the free files (the files) on the terms set out below. This license includes the right to download and install the files on your personal computer.

Each file can be used to create one single end product that can be used commercially. An end product must be a customized implementation of the item in the file and must be larger in scope than the original file. If you are a freelancer, you can also use the files in a project on behalf of a client.

However, you’re not permitted to:

  • use a file to make more than one end product – each file can be used once only;
  • re-distribute the files ‘as is’ (even if free of charge);
  • modify or make derivatives of the files (or re-distribute any modified versions of derivatives of the files) except as a final end product; or
  • use the files in any tool or application allowing an end user to build a custom product as part of an ‘on demand’, ‘made to order’ or ‘build it yourself’ service.

Your license may be terminated immediately and we may take further action against you if you do any of these things.

The owner of the site creative-flyers.com hereby grants you a non-exclusive right (standard license), as expressly permitted by the following terms and conditions.

Still have questions? Contact our support team.

Note: Redistributing our product and the psd file without authorization will result in legal action.


CC. creative-flyers.com

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